The Players


Jim Lowrey

Known to frequent Mexico at a moments notice Jim is never quite certain when he will go to nor certain when he will return.  Only certain that he will.  Do or do not.  Seen here in 1994 sitting atop the bluffs of La Fonda Jim his ready to partake in a blind folded drinking taste test.  A 3 day 4th of July 30 person party excursion has left the remaining campers with a myriad of beer selection.  Singles left from twelve packs brought down from the North. Lucky Lager, King Cobra, Blatz, Budwieser, Schaffer, Milwakee's Best, and yes, bought locally, Corona, Pacifico, and for the true affection ado, Negro Modelo.  Will he be able to discern the differing flavors?  Will he be able surf the next day?   The Answers are believed to be at



Eric Moore

Physical characteristics:

Height: 5'10" .....6'4" with a hat.

Weight: 190 (210 fully loaded with Tacos and Beer)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Favorite Mexican Food: Tortas. "The Mexican BigMac"



Favorite Mexican Attire: "A thrift store Hawaiian shirt (Man I don't know what they made those old Hawaiian shirts with, but it must be a super space age material that will keep you warm when it is cold, is stain resistant, and flame resistant (trust me I know)), Tevas, Shorts, and a straw hat (preferably broken in).

Last Book Read: Mexico On $5 A Day

Comments: "I could have written this book, and it would only be 5 pages long. I mean how long does it take to write about a tent, tacos, and a case of mini Pacificos?"

First time in Mexico: "I was 15 years old, and I went to TJ with my cousin Bill. Let's just say that by the time I crossed to border I had won for the first bet on a cock fight, spent my last pesos on beer, saw my first donkey show, and got cuffed at the border for bringing over contraband."

A word about Mexico: "When I was growing up I went to a school with a lot of Hispanics. I would go to some of my classmates’ birthday parties. Although I was young at the time, I thought to myself who in the world would hang a cardboard snoopy by a rope, give a stick to a little kid with no motor skills, blindfold them, spin them until dizzy, and tell them to go beat the living shit out of snoopy? This ritual didn't make sense until I started making regular trips into Mexico. Now it all makes sense."

A word about Jim: " You can't have a better partner to go to Mexico with. The guy speaks Spanish (or at least some sort of "Spanglish" that the locals seem to understand) knows every taco stand and surf spot from TJ to Ensanada, plus that guy drive like a mother in the sand dunes--especially late at night with a buzz on."

Favorite Mexican phrase: "Jew got da Mickey Thompsons" When literally translated means "Your car can fly". And "Jew look like a crazy guy, what jew need is pibe bomb". When literally translated means "You're one crazy lookin' mother, what you need is some heavy artillery. No sissy ass M80's"